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In process of globalization in the industry rapprochement of mathematical and economic bases in an expert estimation will proceed.
           Formation of global economy needs to be correlated with the development of technological way, considering, that a way kernel are digital technologies. By the given criterion formation of global economy will come by the end by the moment of change of way that is when possibilities of kernel development will be settled, and the basic direction of development will be changed.
           As digital technologies are directed for the intelligence modeling, probably the development directions resource will be settled and it is necessary to expect the change of technological way when the intelligence will be technically rather reproduced.
           By this time it will be possible to consider finished formation of global economy which will be carried out through digital model of social intelligence. And, possibly, it is not required to wait long, as dynamical processes of formation change are observed.
           The greatest convergence of economy with mathematics will progressed, when the control of digital processes in networks will allow raising globally integration, and economic interaction will be carried out not pair wise, but integrally, that is each company will cooperate with all global set. The economy thus becomes mathematical model of global strategy, and monetary concepts will be displaced into the sphere of consumption.
           The idea of the networked economy, which of course will impact, including on economic methodology, are explained in the book of Bill Gates and Collins Hemingway Business @ the Speed of Thought (1999), which is available in the Internet

The innovations of Michael V.Voyloshnikov (alter-author Edvard I.Cherney) of the devices for the development of marine resources - the deep ocean mineral wealth:

Aggregate for deep water mining of raw materials
           Patent for innovation # 2181835

Aggregate for underwater exploration
           Patent for innovation # 2181836

Complex for the ferromanganese nodules mining
           Patent for innovation # 2181839

Aggregate for underwater mining of raw materials
           Patent for innovation # 2181838

Complex for deep water mining of the ferromanganese nodules
           Patent for innovation # 2181837

Marine mining complex
           Patent for innovation # 2182666

Device for mining of the ferromanganese nodules
           Patent for innovation # 2182231

Deep water exploration complex
           Patent for innovation # 2182229

Device for underwater exploration
           Patent for innovation # 2182230

Aggregate for in bottom deposits
           Patent for innovation # 2182638

Underwater platform
           Patent for innovation # 2182212


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