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Professional literature on applied economics of assets evaluation

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Literature on the economy in shipbuilding and shipping

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Textbooks on the commercial vessels structure

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The reference manuals of technical and economic indexes of commercial vessels

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Standard documents on survey of construction, maintenance and operation of the marine commercial vessels

24. The Code of the Russian Federation commercial shipping. Is authorized by the Duma (the lower house of the Federal Assembly of Russia) on March 31st, 1999 and adopted by the Federation Council of Russia on April 22nd, 1999.
           25. The Rules of the vessels classification survey. Register instructions: of shipbuilding technical of materials and staff inspection, of commercial vessels technical survey in operation. The Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. Corresponding releases, St.Petersburg.

Periodical and analytical reviews, containing information and data of the marine commercial vessels prices and of the shipping and shipbuilding economy

           Seaborne Cargo Asia
           Asian Shipping, Lloyd's List
           Lloyd's Ship Manager
           Lloyd's Shipping Economist
           Shipping Intelligence Weekly
           Reefer Market Report
           Klaveness Chartering
           Seatrade WEB
           Holland Shipbuilding
           IMO News
           Japan Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering
           Journal of ship production
           Motor Ship
           Schiff und Hafen
           Ship en Werft
           Shipping Statistics
           Shipyard commercial order weekly report
           Shipping Statistics and Economics
           Motor Ship Special Survey
           Morskiye Vesti (Russia)
           Morsroy Zhournal (Russia)
           Shipbuilding (Sudostroyenie, Russia)
           Shipping (Sudokhodstvo, Ukraine)


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